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  • How to Give a Killer Presentation

    A great talk is a bit of a miracle because people are able to see the world in a different way afterward. The formal talks that are given at major occasions are high-stakes and extremely impactful occasions to take your audience through a transformational journey. Make sure you have a clear narrative framework and make sure to […]

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    We all have a Digital Footprint regardless of how much you spend on-line. Even if you have never been on-line, don’t have email or use social media, you still have a Digital Footprint. Yes, the more you are on-line the greater your exposure to some sort of identity theft. Here is something to think about. […]

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    Rob Stephen is a the technical lead at GetAProgrammer for the team of .Net developers in Sydney who has in-depth expertise in web development and keeps himself updated with latest technologies and trends. GetAProgrammer, being a leading web solutions and apps development company in Australia is a proud exhibitor at the CeBIT in Australia and […]

  • Home Elevators: What Are Home Elevators Priced?

    So, minimum rates as well as travel costs and other expenses are only charged only once for the entire project, rather than multiple times if you break the work into different tasks. Although a church elevator may sound appealing but it’s so small it’s not capable of accommodating wheelchairs or other mobility aids, like a wheelchair, […]

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    There seems to be some confusion with regards to the terminology being used when it comes to ‘whiteboard style explainer videos’ or what can sometimes be called ‘scribe videos’. The later seems to be more oriented around the US market, whilst both scribe videos and whiteboard videos are one in the same thing. And certainly […]

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    There are vision systems that are able to provide different bits of color processing offering and enhanced image. These kinds of systems provide precision in terms of quality. These systems are perfect for the recognition of logos, features, shapes, and arbitrary patterns. This is a very important aspect of visual inspection machines. This is the […]

  • How to Trade Cryptocurrency Crypto Trading Examples

    It’s some time and effort to go through a prospectus. The more information it contains more information, the higher your odds you’re getting a legitimate offer. This is a completely different issue and it will require a great deal of market knowledge. Consider the best ways to safeguard yourself from criminals who view cryptocurrency as a way […]

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    Today, LPWAN has cellular (licensed band) and non-cellular (unlicensed) technologies. Under the cellular category we have NB-IoT and LTE-M and in unlicensed, the popular categories are LoRa (Long Range) and SigFox (IoT Technology company and it uses the SigFox protocol). LoRa and SigFox need communication gateway which aggregate IoT sensor data to the IoT platform […]

  • What is a Holistic Spa? What can a Holistic Spa do for you?

    This is because a spa must be compartmentalized, unlike a salon that has a lot of open space with very few walls or partitions. It may be possible to hire someone to build your spa by working with a draftsperson. A day spa is a place where you can get pampering like what you would enjoy on […]

  • How Closely Do I Need To Adhere To My Cars Maintenance Schedule?

    Be aware that some dealerships will try to sell you services you don’t really need. Check out our article on how to recognize an auto mechanic at a dealership that you can be confident in. Be aware of this when you schedule your next service for your car! Be sure to allow for up to one full day, […]