There seems to be some confusion with regards to the terminology being used when it comes to ‘whiteboard style explainer videos’ or what can sometimes be called ‘scribe videos’. The later seems to be more oriented around the US market, whilst both scribe videos and whiteboard videos are one in the same thing. And certainly this is not to be confused with interactive whiteboards, which is a whole different product entirely, something a school or college would use, certainly not us. I suppose first of all we should define what a whiteboard or scribe video actually is.

In basic terms this is a video that uses a plain white background and the ‘animation’ solely relies on watching a hand holding a marker pen draw in a picture in time with a voice over. The picture typically is a reinforcement of the dialogue so tends to be very literal, and once a scene has been drawn, it pauses for a brief moment to let the viewer digest and then moves on to draw a new scene. Within an average 1 minute whiteboard explainer video you would typically expect to see around 5 to 7 main drawings or scenes being drawn in.



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